If you don’t like something, don’t do it!

Anyone that knows me, knows that one of the major things in life I go by is — Do It As You Mean It!

I really don’t like when certain people do things, just to do it, or as we say "half-ass it". Then please don’t do it at all!!!

Why I have this small rant is due to my visit to a local superstore (won’t name it due to professionalism) where my fiancee and I have been waiting in the queue to get served, but suddenly one of the other lines was opening and I went for it. The employee who was supposed to serve us passed me with a grudge on his face trying to open the till and start. Obviously, he wasn’t satisfied with whatever happened earlier (with his manager or with some other customers, etc…), and then he stressed and shared that bad feeling with us.

I asked him politely if the line is being open or can I put my products on the line to be scanned and he “brushed me off” looking away and not answering my questions. So, seeing his behaviour and lack of respect, I put my products on the line without his confirmation and was waiting for him to start. His unpleasant behaviour continued and I just laughed it off. After collecting the products and sorting them out, he continued with his unpleasant behaviour and was giving me short and snappy responses, where I kept my teeth clenched and my attitude in reserve, as I am shopping here every day and I know this person to see them, but this kind of behaviour wasn’t the first time to happen with this specific employee.

Anyways, we paid for the products and got our stuff and left. Both of us, my fiancee and I saw and felt his behaviour and unpleasant attitude. Shame…

For the past 21 years, I have been working in the retail, sports, restaurant and marketing industry and I know what means to deal with clients, customers and people in general. This is why I do even more now believe that if you don’t like to do something, don’t do it! Or, if you do something, do it as you mean it or don’t do it at all.

Do your work in the best way possible, deal with people in a good manner and keep your professionalism all the time, doesn’t matter what the situation is. Stay positive and professional all the time.

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Have a wonderful day.


Srdan KO

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