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What I Enjoy Most!

Besides a good cup of coffee, I truly enjoy when I see those who engage and work with me succeed!

It is my life goal to help as many people as I can while I am here...

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Whom I Work With & Why!

Working with Individuals

Srdan KO has an agenda to engage and work with those who need help when it comes to their personal development and improvement. One of the best ways to do that is to LISTEN to UNDERSTAND and not listen to respond! Srdan takes time to welcome and deal with individuals who need encouragement, self-improvement and marching towards that end goal of reaching "better self".

Working with Businesses

Srdan KO has been working as marketing, branding and social media manager and consultant for over 6 years now, helping multiple SME's in Ireland with organisation, implementation and successful execution of their marketing and branding strategies, while accomplishing all the desired goals set by the company owner or management team.


Srdan KO has been recognised by his colleagues, associates and clients as a professional with experience in both traditional and digital marketing, branding, sales and business development. Also, Srdan is very reliable, motivated and flexible individual that can adapt well to new situations and he has a very keen eye for attention to detail.

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