Quality Consultancy Work

Srdan KO has been recognised by his colleagues, associates and clients as a professional with experience in both traditional and digital marketing, branding, sales and business development. Also, Srdan is a very reliable, motivated and flexible individual that can adapt well to new situations and he has a very keen eye for attention to detail.

Business Consultancy

Srdan KO has been working as business development and improvement consultant with numerous companies in Ireland and Malta while helping them understand how to improve their organisational structure and accomplish all the desired goals set by the companies.

Marketing & Branding

Srdan KO has been working as a marketing, branding and social media manager and consultant for over a decade now, helping multiple SMEs in Ireland and Malta with the organisation, implementation and successful execution of their marketing and branding strategies.

Training & Education

Srdan KO has been training and educating his clients and other individuals on how to implement Marketing, Branding and Social Media in the correct way to promote their business, brand and personal profiles while doing it without issues or problems.

„Excellent, professional service with people's focus & approach. Highly recommended, a pleasure to work with!”

Tomasz Ochocki
Strength & Personal Coach

Whom I Work With & What I Work On?!

Projects, Thoughts, Ideas & Companies...

Digital Locker

When delivering marketing, branding, social media or graphic design projects I engage with the Digital Locker team who is a top-of-the-range digital marketing agency and a group of serious professionals.

Srdan KO Consultancy

When I start a new business development project, I always assure that my clients can expect 100% quality and attention to detail. All the projects I work on include and have a no-nonsense approach and a streamlined strategy.

Black Beard Hosting

When I am providing clients with the correct hosting or web development for their websites, apps and projects I utilise Black Beard Hosting company, which is regarded as one of the best and the fastest growing hosting companies in Europe.


When dealing with clients who are in operations, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, I utilise Blocowrox the powerful, easy-to-use, enterprise-level, no-code software that allows managers, supervisors or citizen developers to deliver IT solutions without needing to code.

Boom Web Hosting

I have been honoured to represent Boom Web Hosting in the Irish and Maltese markets, where I can provide my clients with an extra option when it comes to quality hosting for their websites, blogs, podcasts, etc...

Self Improvement

I had the pleasure to engage in self-defence and self-improvement training, education and coaching of different individuals, groups, organisations and companies in Ireland for the past 14+ years, due to my personal experience and knowledge in the field.