Self Improvement

Srdan KO has been recognised by his peers as a person who shines the light of positivity on those that found themselves in the deepest and darkest places of their souls and lives. Srdan KO has been helping and working with different individuals and groups on the development of their better, stronger and more confident SELF!

Personal Development Work I Do!

Personal Improvement

Srdan KO has an agenda to engage and work with those who need help when it comes to their personal development and improvement. One of the best ways to do that is to LISTEN to UNDERSTAND and not listen to respond! Srdan takes time to welcome and deal with individuals who need encouragement, self-improvement and marching towards that end goal of reaching a "better self".

Personal Protection

Srdan KO is a self-defence instructor & educator, who has been working and engaging with numerous individuals and groups over the past 14+ years, helping them to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones and also how to become a stronger and more confident version of themself. He has been doing that through Response KM Krav Maga & Self Defence club.